‘A Land Defender’s Guide To Making the Exploitation of Land Expensive & Unappealing To Would-Be Colonizers

“A Land Defender’s Guide to: Making the Exploitation of Land Expensive & Unappealing To Would-Be Corporate Colonizers” has just dropped–published by guerilla printer Lonely Ocean Press.

The 36 page booklet “Volume I: Work-Site Blues” offers a plethora of information about the heavy equipment used to desecrate sacred land, as well as a selection of basic tools which can be used to access, operate, and “service” most heavy equipment.

The Land Defender’s Guide has been referred to as, “revolution on a budget of $200 or less”–because the tools required are fairly common, cheap, and can sometimes be found on the work-site itself.

Included in the Appendix are 31 extremely detailed illustrations of the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical workings of:

  • Skid-Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Mining Trucks
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Mini Loaders
  • Excavators
  • And more…
Excerpt from the Guide:


This is written in the spirit of such other publications as Steal This Book, Steal This Computer Book, The Anarchist Cookbook, and other such banned and questionable literature provided to, by, and for, The Resistance.

While this booklet may present the principles of hydraulics, electrical engineering, thermodynamics, and other physical considerations for the efficiency of the methods of colonization, and the development of stolen land….

One should take note that violence against individuals, or even groups of individuals is absolutely unacceptable.

While this text can be seen as a collection of techniques to respond to the violence of colonization, and the brutalization of those who stand against the exploitation of stolen land. Injury or death to another person or living creature is neither encouraged, condoned, nor inferred, as an acceptable means to decolonization.

This volume is a thought experiment to imagine the costs associated with work stoppages, and prolonged periods of repair to the expensive, and sometimes complex, equipment associated with all aspects of construction, pipe-laying, excavation, and mining.

Disclaimers: These images are for illustration, only. Each year, make, and model of the type of equipment illustrated can vary widely over each model, and even within variations of the same model. No one’s saying you should actually do any of the things mentioned in this work.

Emphasis Added; from: A Land Defender’s Guide to: Making the Exploitation of Land Expensive & Unappealing To Would-Be Corporate Colonizers, Volume I: Work-Site Blues

The Guide is offered for free; and has also been made available as a PDF.

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