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  • 2024 Alameda Oak Tree Survey
    The Oak Forest of Alameda is alive and well. During our survey, we identified at least 405 properties which have Oak Trees. Once everything was processed and plugged into our GIS systems, we were able to identify the footprint of Alameda’s “Bolsa de Encinal“. What is la Bolsa De Encinal?… Read more: 2024 Alameda Oak Tree Survey
  • 2024-2025 Cultural & Education Programming Announced!
    The Alameda Native History Project is proud to announce their Cultural & Educational Program Offerings for 2024-2025. Read on…
  • Indigenous Food Lab After Action Report
    Budget (Approx.): $1,250 [– $400 facilities repairs and equipment purchases] Volunteers: 12Avg. Volunteers Per Day: 3 Most Dedicated Award: CharlesAbove & Beyond Award: Farmer Mentor Award: Heather Galloway Leadership Award: PaigeOn The Spot Award: LizetteGenerosity Award: John Jacque Special Guests: Misty (Lakota Night: Gugu Bread and Wajopi)Lois (Blue Corn Demo)Dwight… Read more: Indigenous Food Lab After Action Report
  • Two Spirit Pride Week
    That’s what I’m calling the upcoming week of February 2nd. Alameda Native History Project has co-organized a number of different events going on all over the City of San Francisco. The most awesome of which are the Two Spirit Symposium on February 9th, and the Indigenous Food Lab from February… Read more: Two Spirit Pride Week
  • New Map: Historic Alameda Ecology
    A Never-Before-Seen Map of Alameda’s Indigenous History Can you imagine elk running down Park Street? Cotton Tail Rabbits hopping among giant Live Oak trees on Grand? Gathering blackberries at Chochenyo Park?Oysters on Regent?Making tule boats at Alameda Point? This map combines historic elements to tell the story of Alameda before.… Read more: New Map: Historic Alameda Ecology
  • First Meeting!
    Announcing our first meeting ever. Inaugural Meeting – Intro/Info Session January 27, 2024; 2-3 PMGet tickets at Join us for an informal and informative session where we’ll introduce ourselves, share important details, and answer any questions you might have. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned local historian, this… Read more: First Meeting!