After studying maps, and reading literally thousands–maybe tens of thousands–of pages about the First Peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area; I’ve learned a lot.

It took a while to read works from the beginning (1800’s), up to the latest, including Randall Milliken’s work; which goes beyond the 2009, “A Time of Little Choice”.

He also did work on the Graton Rancheria; and the Confederated Coastal Miwok and Southern Pomo tribes.

But I found Milliken’s “Ethnohistory and Ethnography of the Coast Miwok and Their Neighbors, 1783-1840” on Marin Miwok‘s website. That document has a map of “Coast Miwok and Pomo Communities withing the Zone of Franciscan Mission Disruption, their Probable Locations and Possible Boundaries”. Very handy. I immediately printed it out and used it to figure out where Indian Beach is in all of this.