Review of California Court Cases with Keyword “Shellmounds”

Using LexisNexis as a guide.

A free database of all of the State of California Judicial Opinions can be found at here, on the California Courts Website, in the Published Opinions section. (You only want to use those.) is cool. And I have compared the information from opinions on their website, to the official, Published Opinion, and found no errors. I just trust the court website a little more. However, does make it easier to find things like Jury Instructions, and Bench Books for Judges; and they have a database of opinions which covers all states, federal, and even Tribal Law opinions.

So, list my precedence here….

  1. Grosvenor Shellmound Assoc. v. Superior Court of County of Alameda (Aug. 15, 1990, No. S016392) Cal.3d [1990 Cal. LEXIS 3679] – Request for appeal by Grosvenor Shellmound Assoc. from a prior, unreferenced decision denied.
  2. Emeryville Redevelopment Agency v. Harcros Pigments, Inc. (2002) 101 Cal.App.4th 1083 [125 Cal.Rptr.2d 12] – Dispute over the market value of condemned land, and admonishment that former landowner is only entitled to the amount of salvage for fixtures and things, and nothing more.

I also search for “Shell Mound”.

But this is really it. I received 10 hits. These two are only vaguely related to the shellmounds.

Grosvenor Shellmound Associates is a corporation associated with Grosvenor Americas, which was approved for a “a 12-story, mixed-use building with 156 units, approximately 5,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and a 80-space subterranean parking garage”, at 1951 Shattuck Avenue. According to BerkeleySide, the project has been approved, but a Building Permit has not been issued, yet.

That’s it.

ADDED: My next search, which totally used, turned up 126 results. Cool! Also, who tf is Salazar? My guess is the secretary or director of the BIA or something. Or the AG at the time of Initial Filing. I’ll find out after I read this stuff.