What is the Alameda Native Food Project?

The Alameda Native Food Project is a program offered by the Alameda Native History Project, which seeks to educate the public about Traditional Native American Ingredients, Cooking Methods, and Contemporary Indigenous Cuisine.

The Native Food Project is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Native American connections to the natural world through the food they cultivate and enjoy.

Share the Experiences, Ingredients and Cooking Methods you learn at the Food Project with your family and loved ones!

Become a Food Ambassador

Introduce your friends to the delicious, nutritious, indigenous ingredients you learned about at the Native Food Project!

Food is the best way to travel the world and learn about other cultures and history without ever leaving home!

Join us for a series of workshops offered throughout the year.

Wait up… I thought this program was called the “Indigenous Food Lab“???

Funny story…

It turns out the term “Indigenous Food Lab” was trademarked.

So now the program is called the Alameda Native Food Project.

Stay tuned for our upcoming sessions!