YES!! I finally finished working on most of this site. I think there might be a couple of buttons that don’t point to anything. (Please let me know when you find them.) But the main, navigational things, all connect. Victory!

And this is running on a content-delivery network, so it should be reasonably fast. Some servers are probably still caching.

This website is optimized for Desktop and Mobile views. I really tried to make sure this looks good on a cell phone. And that it’s easy to navigate.

Stuff I still have to do:

East Bay Parks

  • Write Mission Peak article;
  • Start creating Park Galleries, and,
  • Park write-ups;
  • Create a production and release schedule for these articles — probably weekly.


  • Flesh out both sections, in general;
  • Add more Urban Photography.


  • Add Handmade Art section;
  • Update links from Etsy to Handmade Art section.


  • Haunted Alameda – Add decent Introduction.
  • Zombie: The Incident at Bloody Rock – Make some teaser stuff.
  • Generally create a production and release schedule for both series.

Stay tuned. There’s more coming soon!