Month: December 2020

  • Haunted Alameda

    Welcome. Haunted Alameda contains a collections of recollections, of growing up on the Alameda Indian Burial Mounds. And other, strange encounters.

  • Zombie: The Incident at Bloody Rock

    Welcome. This is the first part of a series written by Gabriel Duncan.

  • What is the “Urban Reservation”?

    First post. And a definition of the concept of an, “Urban Reservation”. The Urban Reservation, to me, is a place that can be quickly defined as analogous to the American idea of the “ghetto“. The distribution of ethnicity is unimportant; the defining point is that these areas do not offer enough food [external], jobs, or…

  • East Bay Parks

    First post. Necessary to lock down the links to this section. I’m going to use the blog entries to write travel essays about my Survey of the East Bay Regional Parks; posts will include pictures. I think I’m going to use galleries to present the Top 10 Pictures of each park. Stay tuned.

  • Alameda Native History Project: Shellmounds

    Aside from this being my first post in this category; this is to announce that I’ve finished working on the Alameda Shellmounds project pages, of the Alameda Native History Project section of this website. Woo! The history of the Alameda Shellmounds, presented with research, and excerpts of historical sources, and some interpretation. The project is…

  • Maps!

    Been working on moving all of this website from the Google Sites, over to One of the largest components of the Alameda Native History Project apparatus is the Maps Section. There were certain limitations to using google maps. Various licensing considerations that became really complicated; and super expensive. I had found OpenStreeMaps when I…

  • First Post

    There’s always a first post, post. This is it. My first post. I will be using post pages to share: Articles Essays Updates Stories And other things of interest. Re-posting articles from other sources, sharing news from Native America, and around the world. Rants. (That should have been in the list.) Anyway, this website is…