Been working on moving all of this website from the Google Sites, over to One of the largest components of the Alameda Native History Project apparatus is the Maps Section.

There were certain limitations to using google maps. Various licensing considerations that became really complicated; and super expensive. I had found OpenStreeMaps when I was doing initial research into the best ways to display the data I’ve found. But… it seemed too complicated to try and configure in the time limit I was working with.

But now that I’ve had an abundance of time, due to COVID-19, I’ve been able to think about this project a little more.

The first thing I had to do was create the website. Like I said, I’m working section-by-section. Creating and tailoring the content I have to fit here. I am doing my best to not make the experience overwhelming. But… You have to understand, I have a lot of content.

So much content that I’m going to use a Wiki for reference, for the maps, and probably for other things on this site, too. It will be a good tool to keep track of my own citations, as well. Which are going to be kept as plain-english as possible.

Anyway, I stopped to write this. I’m in between having completed the maps, and starting the Wiki.

I might get some caffeine; and food. And toilet paper, or something. All of California is on lockdown, now. I actually think states and federal governments should be able to declare some form of “Martial Law” to stop a disease from spreading like wildfire. I think the 85% FULL trigger to lockdown should have been somewhere between 35-55%. It’s in the public interest to restrict the freedoms of citizens, to prevent them from spreading the disease.

Some of you never played Plague Inc., and it shows.