There’s always a first post, post. This is it. My first post.

I will be using post pages to share:

  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Updates
  • Stories

And other things of interest. Re-posting articles from other sources, sharing news from Native America, and around the world. Rants. (That should have been in the list.)

Anyway, this website is still under development. I’m working on it section-by-section.

I’m just glad I have most of the content created. Most of the work right now is on curation. Once I get the structure of the website, menus, and pop-up configured, I’ll go live. But, for now, I’m just gonna make a couple of blogs posts to let you all know this project is still being worked on; and more updates will come soon.

Tentative ETA: December 24, 2020.