Indigenous Food Lab After Action Report

Budget (Approx.): $1,250

[– $400 facilities repairs and equipment purchases]

Volunteers: 12
Avg. Volunteers Per Day: 3

Most Dedicated Award: Charles
Above & Beyond Award: Farmer

Mentor Award: Heather Galloway

Leadership Award: Paige
On The Spot Award: Lizette
Generosity Award: John Jacque

Special Guests: Misty (Lakota Night: Gugu Bread and Wajopi)
Lois (Blue Corn Demo)
Dwight Francisco (Talking Circle)

Shout Outs: Clyde Hall, Irna, Claudia, Addy, Talon, Sierra, Daniel

Sponsors: Native American Health Center
Gay American Indians
Haight Ashbury Food Program
Native Solidarity Project
2spirit Queer Alliance
Alameda Native History Project
Thousand Oak Acorn Company

Grants from: Native American Health Center
Amy Lang Trust “Two Spirit Community Education Grant
Our Private Donor (You can too!)

Hosts: Waller Urban Retreat Center

Special Thanks: Morning Star Vancil
Johnson Livingston
Randy Burns
Galen Comerford
Bridie Johnson

Total Meals: ~350

Avg. Dinner Service: 30 people
Largest Crowd: ~60

Notes: None of this would have been possible without the genorosity, kindess, and work put in by all of you. It is with deep gratitude and humility that I say thank you to you all.

See you next year!

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