The Alameda Native History Project is proud to announce their Cultural & Educational Program Offerings for 2024-2025.

2024 Acorn Granary Challenge

Beginning July 1, 2024; and,
Ending on July 31, 2024.

This event challenges you to make “The Best” Acorn Granary using natural materials gathered or sourced locally.

You may enter this event as an individual or a team.

We will meet at the commencement of this challenge to introduce ourselves. At this time, some natural materials will be distributed to each team.

We will also hold Acorn Granary workshops/classes during weekends in July. Here you will be able to work on your projects in a group setting, and also receive additional building materials. More info can be found on our sign up page.

Prizes: TBA

Sign Up at

2024 Alameda “City-Wide” Acorn Harvest

September – October 2024

Take part in the First Annual Alameda Acorn Harvest.

Learn about the ancient Live Oak Forests of this place now called “Alameda”.  Learn about the nutritional value and the cultural significance of acorns.

Feel free to pitch in for the Acorn Harvest in one of four ways: Gathering, Sorting, Storing, and Transporting.

You should schedule about 5 hours.

Snacks, Water, Coffee, and Lunch, will be provided.

Sign-Up at

Alameda Native Food Lab: ACORNS!

Multiple Sessions Held in March 2025

Learn how to process acorns.

Sample traditional Acorn Mush.

Make different baked goods using Acorn Flour made from Alameda Oak Trees. Leave with your own Acorn Flour, and recipes to try at home!

This session is Free!

Tickets Available in September 2024