The Alameda Native History Project is proud to announce their Cultural & Educational Program Offerings for 2024-2025.

2024 Acorn Granary Challenge

Beginning July 1, 2024; and,
Ending on July 31, 2024.

Mix modern and traditional methods of acorn granary construction to create a semi-permanent structure which will hold the acorns from our First Annual Acorn Harvest.

The challenge is creating something that will withstand the elements over winter.

We will meet as a team to construct these Acorn Granaries. Together we will learn about the different kinds of Acorn Granaries; integrated pest management uses of California Native Plants; and how indigenous technology works to keep food safe for centuries.

This is a series of free events which happens 10am-2pm Every Sunday in July.

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2024 Alameda “City-Wide” Acorn Harvest

September – October 2024

Take part in the First Annual Alameda Acorn Harvest.

Learn about the ancient Live Oak Forests of this place now called “Alameda”.  Learn about the nutritional value and the cultural significance of acorns.

There are a number of different ways in which everyone can participate. Please check out the list of roles available on the Sign-Up Form, right after our Community Guidelines.

Snacks, Water, Coffee, and Lunch, will be provided.

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Alameda Native Food Lab: ACORNS!

Multiple Sessions Held in March 2025

Learn how to process acorns.

Sample traditional Acorn Mush.

Make different baked goods using Acorn Flour made from Alameda Oak Trees. Leave with your own Acorn Flour, and recipes to try at home!

This session is Free!

Tickets Available in September 2024