Keeping the Design Fresh & Adding Functionality

Keeping the Design Fresh
Adding Functionality

I’ve been performing some copy editing, graphic art production, and user experience design, to make the website more user-friendly. Also because images can convey information in a way that is not as readily available as print.

I try to make sure to optimize for both Desktop and Mobile views. If you’re wondering why the website doesn’t look right in Tablet view, that’s why.

Check out some of the new changes:

Alameda Native Art .com

New Images, Layouts, and Designs

Alameda Native History Project

Copy Editing, Design Changes, New Images, Layout, Menus

  • Beginning editing individual pages.
  • Developing section for Phase 2:
    The Search for Undiscovered History


Completely new layout. Page legitimately features the three ongoing serials:


  • Added Social Media links.
  • Added directory of email address in the Contacts section.

Check back soon for more updates!