Phase 2: The Search for Undiscovered History

Phase 2

The Search for Undiscovered History

Using technology to rediscover our everyday surroundings.

Employing citizen science to crowd source casual and scientific observations. Wading through the tule. Using LIDAR, Photo-grammetry, and Geocode.

Building upon scientific observations. Recovering anecdotes. Finding additional data sources. Developing meaningful data sets to share with the greater scientific community.

Boldly observing what there is to observe, 112 years later.

How much more exciting can history be?

Now you can join the search, too!

I’m looking for a few collaborators to help gather location intelligence around the Bay Area. This includes participation in a number of different activities, like:

  • Learning about, and reporting on Place History;
  • Using Google Earth, and other Imagery to Analyze Present-Day Locations;
  • Going out into the field to make casual, non-invasive observations.

Special skills:

Archeologists–Specifically Observers who are present at construction sites, in accordance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

LIDAR Specialist–With file conversion skills. [LAS Tools has a bit of a learning curve, out-of-the-box, and with no expertise.]

Drone Operators–Hopefully something with a camera. See below for more because….

Equipment OperatorsIf you have it:

  • 3D Imaging Equipment
  • TIMS Equipment

Stay Tuned for More

More updates will become available as they happen. This website is updated frequently. Be sure to check out the other sections of this site as well!